Perguntas Frequentes

Is it possible to refill and take away my ink cartridge right away?

  • Yes, it is possible in most situations. If not, we have, at your disposal, a stock of cartridges and toners, previously recycled, that will be replaced immediatly by your emptys. For the enterprising market, our service includes collect and delivery with a minimum time limit of 24-48 hours.

Are there any differences in the printing quality between the recycled goods and the original ones?

  • No, there isn´t. We provide our clients with a final product, previously tested before being delivered. With quality control in order to garantee high quality refilled ink cartridges and toners. If you're not totally satisfied with our product, we replace the cartridge immediatly.

May the use of a rebuilt ink cartridge affect my printer's guarantee?

  • All our cartridges are equal in their performance like the original cartridges. It does not affect in any way, the printer's performance. Should any problem arise with the printer, the manufacturer cannot legally "deactivate" the guarantee just because recycled cartridges have been used. Please, ask us before sending a printer back.

Do you know that some of the "new" cartridges that you buy are recycled?

  • That's right! Observe carefully the package and read the instructions.

Tips for a better use of your cartridges.

  • Your printer was designed to work smoothly, if you print lots of pages be careful to check if there is enough ink and does not exceed more than 20 or 30 pages without at least letting it cool for about five minutes. Proceeding this way, it prevents the electronic circuits of the cartridge from overheating and burning.
    We are aware of situations in which customers tried to print 100 pages and when they got close to fifty, the cartridge burned. Therefore pay attention while printing, the printer will hardly suffer damage, but the cartridge is most likely to become unusable.

  • If your cartridge shows gaps in printing is a sign that the ink is running out. In this case, remove the cartridge from the printer immediately, put it in the package and send it to recharge. Some printers show the ink level and they have even a print locking system if the level is in a critical condition, thereby avoiding the damage of circuits, such as XEROX and EPSON. Others do not have this system, in the case of HP, Canon, among others.


  • A well made recycling of cartridges prevent these from damaging the printer. Misinformed people have created this paradigm. As such, take good care of your cartridge so it has a long life, since a misuse leads to its destruction. (Ex. NEVER let it drop, do not expose it to high temperatures, and after being empty do not leave it stopped to long and give it back for recycling).

Cares with ink-jet ink (Ink)

  • Retire a fita azul da cabeça de impressão ou o clip. Não coloque o dedo sobre a cabeça de impressão nem nos contactos (toda a zona “metálica”). Faça a limpeza do cartucho pelo software da própria impressora, conforme instruções do manual da impressora. Use apenas papel compatível com impressoras jato de tinta ou laser.

For Ecology

  • Recycle cartridges is environmentally correct, it decreases the amount of trash thrown in Nature. A cartridge lying on the normal garbage takes about 70 years to be naturally decomposed.

Care cartridges for laser printers

  • By removing the empty cartridge from the printer, you should keep it inside the black plastic in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

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