• Presentation of XXL Refill and values associated with the company
    XXL Refill is a company located at Parkurbis - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Covilhã, in association with a german ink and equipment producer (APM – All About Inkjet) which has a large experience achived throughout a decade.

    We represent a new concept in the inkjet recycling business. Our main aspect is to verify how easy it is to establish a recycling stand where you can refill ink cartridges and toners at any mall, using a simple efficient equipment.

    XXL Refill Environmental Concept
    XXL Refill's mission is to regenerate computer accessories (ink cartridges and toners), and to provide the client with a guaranteed high quality on service regarding recycled goods, contributing highly to the reduction of poluent residues thrown in our environment.

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